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    Mona Kuhn | monakuhn.com
    Mona Kuhn | monakuhn.com
    Mona Kuhn | monakuhn.com

    How to bend light, Mona Kuhn

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  14. patheticjunkies:

    alright, i need to put this out there. honestly, not only is this one of my favorite scenes on breaking bad, but also one of the most well directed fight scenes i’ve seen on television in a very, very long time and explains so well as to why i love and cherish breaking bad to the extent that i do.

    the way every single shot is used to create that mood, in the way that you can’t help but to feel that gut-wrenching unsettling anxiety start to built as skyler turns around and stares at the kitchen counter. i mean, the subtlety of it. that alone is easily one of the most impressive shots i know of.

    and then there’s the knife, cutting through walt’s hand as the calm before a hurricane and then there’s that beat of complete silence—of utter panic— before it all falls down, cuts through the lying flesh as reality is exposed and is met with a crash of utter hysteria.

    the shot where walt looks down at skyler and walt.jr on the floor, the way that they zoom out from them as if they are literally floating away from him, out of his reach. like two animals, scared and vulnerable for the beast that stares down above them— all that walt’s convinced himself that he was doing this all for, and it is like his second empire just crumbling to dust right before his very eyes.

    we zoom in on walt as his son is talking on the phone, talking of him as if he’s a murderer, a fucking monster, and you see years of justification and denial unravel as walt feels an unsettling clarity fall before him. “we’re a family” he commanded. then, “we’re a family” he questions, delusional.

    i could talk about it for hours. the subtlety and the use of sound and cameras throughout the entirety of this scene is fucking remarkable dude.

    even if you haven’t enjoyed breaking bad, which i for one have a hard time understanding in and of itself, this scene is literally breathtaking. there is no way to watch this scene and not feel part of it, to feel invested. i swear to god, from directing to writing to acting, this is good film making.

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